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17-Year Focus On Industry SolutionsPortable Rugged Computing Solution

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Service Hotline400-1068-202
Military Industry

M+QQMilitary industrial computer solution

Do you have these needs

Outdoor application of dust and waterproof performance and wide temperature requirementsEVAK

Military operations have high requirements for IPC impact and seismic protectionEVAK

Requirements for data transmission, analysis and one-click data destruction function of industrial computerEVAK

Screen brightness and resolution requirementsEVAK

Conduction and radiation requirementsEVAK

EVAK Professional Solutions

Dust-proof and waterproof design, protection grade IP65, factory high and low temperature test

Up to 72 hours vibration test, collision and shock protection measures for the whole machine

All input data are destroyed by one key of military aviation connector

High-light visibility/full-view/high-brightness LCD screen, up to 1920*1080 resolution

Consider and design according to military regulation level

Public Security

M+QQPublic security field

Do you have these needs

Store video to find criminal characteristics or video imagesEVAK

Image and Video Data Export, with Data Output PathEVAK

While watching videos, the public security system automatically retrieves themEVAK

对Industrial computer requires high stability in operationEVAK


EVAK Professional Solutions

Top-level desktop CPU, dual-channel large memory, to meet the needs of top-level computing performance

Vibration test for up to 72 hours, anti-collision and anti-seismic protection measures

Military-grade high-quality aviation joints are used. Data can be destroyed with one click

Resolution of High Light Visibility/Full Angle of View/High Bright LCD 1920*1080

Packing in cartons, strengthening transportation with foamed cotton

Education Taped

M+QQEducation and broadcasting

Do you have these needs

High performance, long time stable operationEVAK

Output Entry to Easy Export of Video Recording and BroadcastingEVAK

Machine sound requires silenceEVAK

Light weight, easy to carryEVAK


EVAK Professional Solutions

I7 CPU, GPU acceleration support, video compression

Support raid function, faster data entry, support a PCIE*4 slot

Using pure copper radiator, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the noise is very low.

Small size, light weight, beautiful appearance

Optional full-HD LCD screen with clearer picture quality

CustomizeService Hotline400-1068-202

   Demand PilotFocus on R & DEVAK IPC,Always walk in the way of innovation iteration

Software and hardware before the devil-style factory full inspection, to ensure excellent quality performance

Temperature TestStandard Products:50℃/-10℃ Army Products:55℃/-20℃

Aging Test Standard Products:Heating 48 hour Army Products:Heating 72 hour

Vibration TestStandard Products:1 hourArmy Products:2 hour



EVAK17 years of brand precipitation, design, manufacture and sale Maintenance-stop service

Founded in 2003, 17 years has accumulated a lot of valuable industrial applications Story

ISO9001 quality certification, quality guaranteed

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other places to set up offices


EVAKProduct range, the fastest optimal compatibility satisfy customer's request

Product range, optimum compatibility fastest to meet customer needs

Iterative quickly to meet military, aerospace, communications, public security, transportation, electricity, education, energy and other sectors diverse needs

Advantages personality combination, to create the best solutions closer to customer demand for customized


EVAKQuality excels, SONY, Huawei Known brands Partner

Elite R & D team, and constantly overcome technical problems

Professional quality team, quality check

Relatively complete product line, the industry has a higher visibility

Service Hotline400-1068-202

EVAKSales service, a full range of multi-channel The customers

Professional maintenance team to provide telephone answering, on-site maintenance and other full service

1 year warranty and lifetime maintenance

7X24-hour Customer Care

Strength cast brand, service and create the futureEVAKYour choice!

Customized SolutionCustomized Solution Technical SupportTechnical Support Ask forthe latest recordAsk forthe latest record

>>Service Hotline400-1068-202

Reinforcement portable computer solutionsEVAK Science and technology has allowed thousands of customers to enjoy the best option

EVAK science and technology help us to get more customers favor

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EVAK science and technology has many years of indu...

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EVAK Customization Process

Business Interest(Understand customer needs and plans)

Product Proposal(Provide the best solutions for customers to choose)

Project Evaluation(Assess the feasibility of product and signed a research and development agreement)

Implement(Product design, prototype production, testing and certification)

Free / Paid Service(Provide free / paid on-site repair service)

Service(Phone tracking service, security products to meet customer needs)

Production Order(Production Order)

Sample Confirmed(Delivered prototypes to customers for testing and use of feedback)

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Into EVAKShenzhen EVAK Zhi Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.Company profile

Shenzhen Blue torch Zhiyuan science and Technology Co., Ltd. (EVAK Technology Co. Ltd.,) was established in 2003, the company headquarters is located in Shenzhen City, set up offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and other places. Integration of design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance. Is one of the industrial computer products for the domestic industry leader, main business includes portable reinforced computer, tablet of reinforcement, the reinforcement type KVM and, …