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Industrial Tablet PC is conducive to the safe production of food industry

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At present, China's food industry, even if it is China's top ten brands of food, in the production and process also exist some pollution problems, including sewage, dust, noise, solid waste and other, a serious impediment to the in the development of the internationalization of domestic competition in China. To speed up the process of cleaning production of food processing, the need to reduce raw materials from the source to the final disposal of the entire life cycle of the adverse effects. Industrial Tablet PC is conducive to the safe production of food industry.

Food processors need to fully grasp food related information in the production, transportation, storage process, so that the cancellation of intuitive and transparent information on food safety concerns. All of these require higher standards of automation system and technical support to food enterprises improve production efficiency, adapt to the needs of production scale; to ensure the quality and safety of food; reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce labor costs; to achieve safe production and reduce the energy source and resource consumption. The key point of the food equipment automation is the driving control, sensing, network control, remote control and information processing technology, etc..

With the rapid development of electronic industry, industrial tablet will from the automation of food machinery to unmanned control automation and agricultural products processing robot development, processing of agricultural products will become highly technology intensive industries. In order to promote the automation of food machinery, we should proceed from the production practice, choose the priority sequence of advancing automation, select the reasonable automation mode, and promote the automation process.

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