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What equipment is needed for professional live streaming and broadcasting?

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Since the rise of the live broadcast industry, more and more teams have entered into the professional level liven broadcasting to increase the incomes and increase the fans in the live broadcasting room. However choose a set of professional live streaming and broadcasting equipment would make you headache. If choose cheaper one, it may get into trouble. If choose expensive one, you do not want to pay much for it. This situation would make me confused. Now you need to read  carefully, we will tell it basically, then you may have an idea of it.

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A set of professional live streaming and broadcasting equipment should obey the rules following: 1.Multi-position cameras video acquisition 2.Complex audio signal acquisition 3.The background can be changed arbitrarily 4.Professional lighting 5.Live broadcast on multiple platforms 6.Excellent network conditions. In the complex live broadcasting room, we can not have better live broadcasting without the above conditions. Now we are going to show how to realize3.png

Professional live broadcasting equipment

About multi-position cameras video acquisition and .complex audio signal acquisition, we have an all-in one portable live broadcasting and streaming computer to solve your complex requirements. 


Because of the professional, we should introduce you our technical staff to solve your DIY questions. Contact info:+86 13670005187(We chat) . As your consideration about your target, we would provide you a whole solution of portable live streaming and broadcasting. You are close to it.

Model recommended

Mobile studio DR-5200

Dual-screen rugged portable computer chassis for live streaming

ATX Motherboard Portable Ruggedized Computer(EPC-820)

Rugged portable industrial computer chassis for ATX motherboard

High performance broadcasitng computer(DR-210)

ATX Portable IPC with VMIX Controller(EPC-820L)

One live studio without plugging(VPAD-140PRO)

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