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High speed road network into 200 emergency portable charging machines at any time on standby

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On February 15, the reporter from the Chongqing Expressway Group was informed that from 13, the city highway ushered in the self driving return peak, part of the highway traffic growth 5-7 times, queues of situation to alleviate the toll station, Chongqing high-speed network into 200 blue torch emergency portable charging machine, standby.

Toll station capacity to improve at least twice

"Each toll channel has added a temporary charge window, did not think that is also so blocking ah!"

15 afternoon 5 when, Dianjiang toll station of the direction of the city has been waiting in the queue, each of the charges before the window about 200-300 car, wait 20 minutes, but only by the owner Ms. Liu issued a sigh.

In spite of this, carefully Liu still found out of the city in the direction of the usual only 3 charges window, and now has become the 6.

Chongqing Expressway Limited by Share Ltd longevity - Dianjiang management center director Dai Feng said, nearly two days, Dianjiang toll station ushered in the peak of the return flow, usually only 6000 vehicles, and now increased to.

A large traffic, toll stations to line up naturally. According to reports, the usual peak traffic, toll stations open 2 fees to meet the needs of the past vehicles to meet the demand. Now, Dianjiang toll station out of town in the direction of a temporary increase in the three window charges, vehicle capacity doubled, but is still not completely alleviate the queues of the situation. "If you are not prepared in advance, a temporary increase in the toll window, it is estimated that queuing vehicles need to take at least 1 hours through time." Dai Feng said.

According to reports, in the face of the Spring Festival travel peak, Chongqing Expressway invested a total of 200 sets of emergency portable charging machine and charging more than 300 emergency personnel.

High speed road network to put 5000 people a day to ensure smooth

With the Spring Festival approaching, return flow, visiting flow, self driving tour travel superimposed effect, in recent days the city highway traffic flow and travel is explosive growth: part of the service area traffic, passenger traffic than normal growth of about 3 times. Wanzhou to Dazhou Sichuan high-speed traffic increased 5-7 times, Wushan small Three Gorges toll station also increased 3-5 times.

"So many returning vehicles and people, completely beyond expectations, the service area and toll stations to ensure smooth situation is grim." Chongqing Expressway Group, the relevant responsible person introduced, therefore, Chongqing high speed increased to ensure smooth efforts, in the railway network daily investment more than 5000 people, is usually increased by thousands of emergency rescue personnel.

In addition, Chongqing Expressway Group also with highway law enforcement departments, local government established emergency joint logistics linkage work, to coordinate and deal with cross regional, cross sections sudden accident, to ensure that after the accident, rescue workers can in 3 minutes alarm for 5 minutes. Attendance.

(reporter Yang Yongqin)

Source: Chongqing daily transferred from: Xinhua

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