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Application of vehicle mounted display terminal in military field

First, the system background:

Since the advent of the computer, the strengthening of computer technology and applications by the military, the government and all walks of life, the high attention, the strengthening of computer technology and application has become an important issue of China's national defense industry. According to the national about "to adapt to the new situation, and actively explore the combination of military and civilian, contain army to the people of the new way, the new method" the spirit of the instructions for the advanced reinforcement technology, equipment and products for national and military modernization, but also for our country in ruggedized computer technology development, the application of units to provide a platform for the exchange.

Two, functional requirements:

Vehicle reinforced display terminal as the effective supplement to the reinforcement of the computer, has been a focus in the field of military, which is widely used for military ground monitoring, vehicle, ship, aircraft, weapons firing and other harsh environments.

Main functions of vehicle mounted display terminal:

(1) the design of anti information leakage: on the LCD screen with high mesh screen glass, prevent information leakage and electromagnetic interference.

(2) vibration, shock design: the whole machine to take special design, and the selection of key components of high vibration index, to ensure that the whole machine has excellent vibration impact, fall index.

(3) anti Rain Design: chassis with rain proof design, machine adopts concave convex groove seal, structure elements are connected to each other without glue sealing, both to ensure the machine seal, but also can maintain the maintainability of the machine.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:



Application prospects: with the continuous popularization of computer applications, the opportunity to strengthen the car has a good development prospects, especially the primary machine solid reinforcement machine, because of its low price, the application will be more extensive. Embedded technology is the future of vehicle reinforced machine direction, future vehicle reinforced more opportunities to use embedded technology, narrow reinforcement machine volume, gradually reduce the product cost, more share in the field of computer application.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Suitable for small space vehicle, portable operation or folding storage, desktop application.

With the vehicle base can be equipped to the operating platform, in order to give the host computer host a control terminal, easy to use.

Can be quickly installed, multi angle rotation; no fan FAN-LESS design, design thin, easy to carry.

Five, recommended products:



Integrated folding operation terminal
Top hanging type folding display

关键词:Application of vehicle mounted display terminal in military field