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14 inch military fully rugged laptop computer(EPG-R14T)

Categories: Rugged laptop computer
Features:● 11th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor
● Equipped with Intel Iris X-core graphics
● 14-inch high-definition highlight screen, optional touch screen, multi-finger touch, convenient interaction
● Support WiFi 6 wireless transmission, large speed, high broadband, low latency
● Support M.2 interface 5G/4G selection, all-day full- time interconnection without dropping
● Support Bluetooth 5.1 with larger range, longer distance and higher speed
● Dual battery life, large battery pluggable
● Rich interface and docking station expansion functions, suitable for various industry needs
● Push-type fingerprint recognition to give you a higher level of security protection
● IP65 dustproof and waterproof and 1.22 meters anti-fall, industrial grade three-proof quality
● Passed a number of strict tests, in line with MIL- STD-810G US military standards
Service Hotline:+86-13670005178


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