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RAC-1500 Portable Face Recognition Dynamic System for 4-way Camera High Performance GPU

Categories: Education Course Recording
Features:Portable Face Recognition Dynamic System
Service Hotline:+86-755-84191660 EXT 821

Program overview:

The program is specifically tailored to the demands of a portable face recognition solution. The function is as follows:

1、        It adopts wrap angle anti-collision reinforcement design.

2、        15.6-inch 1080P 700 brightness highlight screen, easy to read in sunlight, low power consumption, long life, HD

3、        Standard 32G cost-effective DDR4 memory, higher memory frequencyWith increased bandwidth, you can experience a high speed

4、        Ultra-light construction material

5、        Stable and reliable quality with custom industrial motherboards

6、        Ultra-high performance discrete graphics, efficient and stable operation.

7、        Integrated POE/wireless picture transmission module, flexible and easy to control.

8、        Built-in high-power antenna for long-distance wireless camera connectivity.

9、        The 4G module is joined to meet the distance control of the distance.

When the camera is removed from the tripod, the circuit switching module is automatically activated, the power is automatically turned off, the camera stops working, the battery stops supplying power to the camera and stops charging itself, effectively prevented battery empty power consumption

Portable Face Recognition Dynamic System for 4-way Camera High Performance GPU