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Application of portable toll collector in Expressway Emergency toll collection system

First, the system background:

With the rapid development of national economy, China's highway mileage is increasing day by day. In special circumstances, special weather, traffic accidents and holidays and other special circumstances, the highway toll station traffic due to a sudden increase in traffic congestion caused by the phenomenon has occurred. Portable toll collector as a mobile emergency charging equipment, can greatly improve the vehicle handling capacity of toll lanes, and effectively relieve congestion of toll lanes.

Two, functional requirements:

Portable road and bridge charging machine designed for highway emergency charging design, is a collection of normal Lane Toll machine main function, can temporarily out of toll system independently fees, a integrated level high, small size, light weight, portable emergency charging equipment which is easy to operate. When an emergency occurs, the portable machine can be enabled to carry out an emergency multiple charges, in order to solve the problem of vehicle congestion at a fast speed.

The main function of portable charging machine:

(1) enhance the processing ability of single lane. This is the most weight of portable charging machine function, but also the design of this kind of charging machine original intention.

(2) spare equipment. When the Lane Toll System for maintenance or failure and other reasons, must be shut down, the portable machine can be used as a spare equipment, to maintain the normal operation of the lane.

(3) training or presentation equipment. Portable machine can be used as a new staff to conduct business training, and business practice to use.

Three, system topology:



Four, practical application:


Application: evak technology the portable emergency charging equipment both the stability and convenient performance outstanding, also fanless design, even in the face of complex and harsh environment still can rise to the occasion; it will with excellent design in highway traffic to ensure smooth in hair waving more and more important role.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Set aside a number of interfaces, its small size, light weight, easy to carry.

Can quickly replace the fault of the lane to charge or increase the temporary toll points.

Five, recommended products:


Emergency portable charging machine

关键词:Application of portable toll collector in Expressway Emergency toll collection system