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Application of fast copy equipment in public security video surveillance system

First, the system background:

With the increasing of computer crime, Computer Forensics (ComputerForensics) technology, as a computer science, information security science, law and criminal investigation, has attracted more and more attention. Computer crime the public suffered heavy losses, and electronic data evidence different to traditional crime evidence is them more easy to disappear and be destroyed, therefore, to combat the focus of computer crime is to find adequate and reliable electronic evidence. Electronic evidence of fixed, extraction and analysis process is discrete, and the current based on the hard disk to disk copy of evidence preservation mode is generally one to one or one to many form, specifically is through the hard disk copying machine source hard disk data cloning to another or multiple target hard disk. But encountered some cases need to save the analysis of a lot of hard drives, a a replication rather spend a lot of time and manpower, which requires identification of the studio is equipped with a large number of copying machine and blank disk, followed by cloning the target disk in after the completion of the identification, need to be backed up for future reference, thus causing equipment idle and waste.

Two, functional requirements:

Launched by the industry according to the situation of fast responsible for equipment, aimed at the video detection system was transformed into frontline combat force, allow video image to serve the practical police work, shorten the time evidence, reduce manpower cost, improve work efficiency, for investigation of the public security organs to check detection, the fight against crime to provide strong support.

Main functions of multiplex fast replication equipment:

(1) support for 4 way high-speed hard disk copy machine work, support one to four, four to four hard disk copy, parallel copy speed per path is greater than 9GB/min.

(2) support for multiple interfaces of the hard disk copy, compatible with a variety of formats.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:


Application prospects: in the best configuration, can be fast, high speed on a number of hard disk forensics, to achieve the leading level in the field of hard disk copy machine.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Multi hard disk and pull hard disk location, 7.5 long expansion slot, high brightness LCD screen.

Can install high performance computer main board, large capacity memory, hard disk data transmission speed.

Double layer aluminum alloy reinforced chassis structure, to ensure the safety of the hard disk

Five, recommended products:


ATX motherboard compatible portable machine

关键词:Application of fast copy equipment in public security video surveillance system