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Application of high performance portable machine and flat plate in police video surveillance system

First, the system background:

. with the promotion of safe city construction projects, video surveillance system has been widely used in the work of public security, and is playing a more and more important role, video image analysis technology has become following the criminal technology, mobile technology, network surveillance technology after investigation the four supporting technology to solve the case.

But due to the lack of effective technical means for rapid case video collection, analysis, processing, currently in the case of actual video investigation, video browsing and analysis work completely stuck in "artificial operation mode, which requires investment in a large number of police, consumption frequency investigators precious time and energy, also easy to miss the golden opportunity for the detection of cases, resulted in the detection of cases increased the difficulty.

Two, functional requirements:

This situation in the industry for the launch of the video detection application system solutions to the video monitoring system was transformed into frontline combat force, allow video image to serve the practical police work, shorten the reaction time, reduce manpower cost, improve work efficiency, for the investigation of the public security organs detection, the fight against crime to provide strong support.

The main functions of video detection application system solution:

(1) offline video capture, video download): fusion video evidence collection and intelligent video processing, abstract and replay of video, video feature search, video editing, clues judged and other functions in one portable offline forensics equipment. Support USB, network, eSATA, wireless and other various video capture supports video capture, processing, analyzing, application and management of video of the whole process.

(2) video intelligent analysis and search (video analysis): video files were intelligent analysis, investigation rules setting, rapid positioning behavior, personnel and vehicle video object and improve search efficiency of specific target. In the video of all the moving target trajectory analysis, the different moving objects into the same scene to play, greatly shorten the video browsing time.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:


Applications: image detection technology in the development of the video detection of application system will be more and more used in the public security detection, can contribute to peace in the city. The application prospect of video detection system must be bright, must shine in the public security case.

Evak technology products characteristics:

High resolution liquid crystal display, video analysis collection, high performance CPU, ultra thin thickness, multi interface.

The whole machine is portable, reinforced and portable, and has a novel appearance.

Five, recommended products:



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关键词:Application of high performance portable machine and flat plate in police video surveillance system