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Application of vehicle mounted flat plate in the comprehensive law enforcement of public security

First, the system background:

With the advance of the reform of the political system of our country and the government function of continuous adjustment, deepen, from the macroeconomic regulation and control the national economy operation to handle emergencies, from security and social security and stability, to promote the harmonious development of economic construction and social progress, the government social management and service functions in the continuous improvement of.

Two, functional requirements:

Public security police law enforcement system can record the whole field of law enforcement, including the police, where the position, speed and other information and real-time image transmission to the command center, leaders at all levels to stay at home can be aware of all the police at the scene, ready to carry out efficient dispatching and management. Can effectively solve the problem of shortage of police, improve the response speed of the incident, while the local video data can also be used as evidence of law enforcement, the legitimate rights and interests of the police in the event of anti law.

Main functions of police law enforcement system:

(1) the field equipment is mainly used for the collection and storage of audio and video, to provide first-hand information for the leadership of the monitoring center, to retain the most intuitive evidence for future cases. It mainly by car PTZ camera, PTZ controller, Car DVR, car reinforced flat, GPS positioning module, audio capture device the composition.

(2) data transmission is mainly provided by the network provider of network transmission services, mainly in the 3G mobile network to support, providing data transmission services.

(3) monitoring center: mainly used for leadership through the of transmitted back to the center of the audio and video data and analysis for remote personnel and vehicles to dispatch and command, processing the scene of the incident, and the data were recorded, so that you can refer to. It consists mainly of TV wall, computer and related software.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:


Application prospects: the police vehicle real-time monitoring command system, according to the actual needs of the public security system in particular, is fully applicable to the sudden events or other special circumstances of the field treatment and control. The scene need real-time and quickly returns the command center, and the site of the incident and are usually uncertain, vehicle real time monitoring system play a strong technical advantage and ability to respond flexibly and through wireless video technology, the scene promptly returned the command center, convenient remote command and scheduling, to reduce the risk of, greatly shorten the reaction time, and enhance combat effectiveness.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Multi interface, video capture and frequency division.

Small space on board, can be folded storage, can be quickly installed, can be multi angle rotation

No fan FAN-LESS design, the whole design of light and light, easy to carry, can be quickly and small batch order.

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关键词:Application of vehicle mounted flat plate in the comprehensive law enforcement of public security