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Application of portable court hearing recorder in court trial system

First, the system background:

With the development of electronic industry, public security, procuratorate and judicial organs, in the original pure record gradually increase the recording of the interrogation process, the requirements of video, so as to avoid the suspect was extorting a confession by torture may, the whole video recording, are well documented.

Supreme People's Procuratorate, as early as 07 years, has been put forward the corresponding to the work process and technical specifications of the suspect in the work process and technical specifications, the inspection authorities in various regions are constantly equipped with the appropriate equipment.

Two, functional requirements:

Portable recorder trial using modern mature and developed the graphics and image processing technology, audio and video coding decoding technology and network communication technology, with simple computer hardware equipment and video installations, according to investigators need anytime, anywhere suspects for interrogation, trial production of electronic interrogation transcripts, audio, video, electronic clues information of digital coding processing, via webcast and CD burning a variety of video application form to reproduce the interrogation process.

Main functions of portable trial recorder:

(1) synchronous audio and video recording, voice command and text communication, monitoring, monitoring and other main functions.

(2) all kinds of information management and query information, case information, interrogation electronic record, audio and video etc..

(3) double disc straight: recording a good disc to support the automatic playback, and have the time bar display and key search function.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:



Application: with all the public, prosecutors, law and other organs implementation of law enforcement standardization requirements, on trial for the standardization of transformation will set off a new round of high tide, portable interrogation as quick deployment, expansion facilitates standardization interrogation system has a good application prospect in the market.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Portable industrial control machine specially used for interrogation system.

There are 4 POE interface to connect the HD network camera.

Integration of the functional interface of the trial industry needs, and battery management functions.

The appearance structure adopts the light of the structure of the aluminum alloy, and the shape is novel.

Five, recommended products:


POE interface trial portable machine

关键词:Application of portable court hearing recorder in court trial system