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Application of vehicle reinforced switcher in military field

First, the system background:

Since the advent of the computer, the strengthening of computer technology and applications by the military, the government and all walks of life, the high attention, the strengthening of computer technology and application has become an important issue of China's national defense industry. Vehicle reinforced switcher as an effective complement to the reinforced computer, capable of efficient scheduling of all kinds of information resources, to combat make to enhance combat capability.

Two, functional requirements:

Vehicle reinforced switcher is specifically for the military, industrial site complex and harsh environment customization of 17 inch / 19 inch cabinet shelves reinforcing KVM, have 1-2 a control terminal and a computer terminal, meet the application needs of a variety of environments.

The main function of vehicle reinforced switcher:

(1) waterproof and dust of the whole machine: IP65 grade design, to meet the application of all kinds of complex environment.

(2) 1-2 control side, can support 2 user operation at the same time.

(3) the whole machine wide temperature design, including wide temperature screen and military power module, more able to adapt to the complex combat environment.

(4) the whole air plug interface: the display signal and the power supply signal are all used in the aviation connector to ensure the reliability of the signal in the complex environment.

(5) compatibility design: 17 inch rack design, at the same time, through the increase of accessories compatible with 19 inch cabinet.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:


Application prospects: with the continuous popularization of computer applications, the opportunity to strengthen the aircraft has a good development prospects, especially the primary reinforcement machine, because of its low price, the application will be more extensive. Embedded technology is the direction of future airborne reinforcement machine, future airborne reinforcement more opportunities to use embedded technology, narrow reinforcement machine volume, gradually reduce the product cost, more share in the field of computer application.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Dual user control terminal, all air plug interface, wide temperature.

1U height of the cabinet shelves to reinforce KVM, PC side supports PS/2&USB dual interface technology.

Two level password protection mechanism, no need to install the software.

No need for complex setup, plug and play.

Suitable for military vehicle, wide temperature, reinforcement, industrial site and other complex and harsh environment.

Meet the application needs of a variety of environments.

Five, recommended products:



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关键词:Application of vehicle reinforced switcher in military field