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Brief introduction to computer code for reinforcement

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1. Overview

1 what is the reinforcement of the computer

The so-called reinforcement, is to adapt to a certain harsh environment, in the computer design of the various factors affecting the performance of the machine, such as system structure, electrical characteristics, mechanical structure, such as the corresponding guarantee measures taken. That is to say, the computer should be used in a variety of harsh environment, should take appropriate measures, otherwise, the machine is difficult to normal operation, the measures taken to strengthen the machine.

The computer in this paper mainly includes the small computer and the microcomputer, also includes the corresponding peripheral equipment. The computer includes a server, a workstation, a personal computer, an embedded computer, and a computer.

2 the characteristics of our country

The world situation is different, on the geographical, political situation is concerned, I have the following characteristics:

Territory, airspace is vast;

There are many rivers and lakes;

There are large tracts of desert;

The tens of thousands of kilometers long coastline;

With the vast sea;

The other is the use of special environment;

The Chinese military is to defend its focus, rather than to the world.

Because the environment is different, therefore, the machine is not the same as the reinforcement requirements.

Two. Machine reinforcement standards

At present, it has not been found that there is a national level of computer Reinforcement Standard in foreign countries. As above said, due to the geographical location of foreign countries, environmental conditions, military purposes and our country is not the same, even if other countries have reinforcement standards, it is difficult for China's requirements.

China National Standards (national standard), industry standards (national standard), the national military standard (GJB), industry protection standard (GJB). There is no local standard. So far, China's national standards although computer code, but it just for indoor use common computer to develop standards; industry standards and industry protection standards are not developed special reinforcement standard machine; only national military standard for reinforcement needs to develop a standard. In the national military standard, not only has the computer standard, but also has the peripheral equipment standard. The military standards of these countries all contain reinforcement requirements.

National military standards for computers and peripherals with reinforcement requirements are as follows:

322A-1998 GJB "general specification for military computers";

925-1990 GJB "general specification for serial strike type military printer";

General specification for 926A-1999 GJB, a cathode ray tube display device for military computers;

928-1990 GJB "general specification for military floppy disk drives";

1316-1991 GJB "general specification for military warm type disk machine";

1901A-2003 GJB "general specification for military giant computer";

1945-1994 GJB "general specification for military computer keyboard";

GJB 2023-94 "flight control computer" general specification;

General specification for airborne atmospheric data computer 3221-98 GJB.

There are some national military standards related to the computer, but it is not specifically aimed at "reinforcement", so there is no list here.

Three. Classification of reinforcement machines

Reinforcement machine can be used in a variety of ways to classify. There are two classification methods in the standard (mainly 322A GJB general specification for military computer), which are classified according to the environment of use and the method of reinforcement. The classification of the two cases is as follows:

1 according to the use of environmental classification

According to the use of the environment is divided into the following six categories:

Ground environment

A) air conditioning room environment;

B) no air conditioning room environment;

C) field environment.

Vehicle environment

A) with air conditioning, carrier static environment;

B) no air conditioning, carrier static environment;

C) no air conditioning, carrier mobile environment.

Carrier based environment

A) with air conditioning, cabin environment;

B) no air conditioning, cabin environment;

C) have a shelter outside the cabin environment;

D) no masking of the outside environment;

(E) submarine (underwater) environment.

The airborne environment

A) controlled environment;

B) uncontrolled environment.

The launch environment

A) land-based launch environment;

B underwater launch environment;

C) launch environment (such as aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, etc.).

The other use of the environment.

2 classification by reinforcement

Divided into the following four types of reinforcement:

Ordinary type (2 types);

Primary reinforcement type (2 types);

Reinforcement type (5 types);

The total reinforcement type (7 class).

Various types of reinforcement of the name of the name of the following fourth sections of the second small strip all kinds of reinforcement of the environmental requirements and part of the parameters".

Four. Technical requirements of strengthening machine

For technical standards, a machine is not reinforcement machine, belong to what kind of reinforcement machine, to reflect in the standard, in the standard "technical requirements of clause" with some of the necessary data is expressed. In the existing national military standards, all kinds of necessary parameters are given for each kind of reinforcement.

On the other hand, the existing standard is the general standard of the product, rather than the standard set for the requirements of the environment. To a standard of integrity. Therefore, the technical requirements of the standard, not only technology and environment related content, but also with the environment has little to do with the content, such as function of the machine, the software and hardware requirements and safety. In order to facilitate the focus on the strengthening of the performance of the narrative, so in this paper, the performance of the machine is divided into two categories

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1Brief introduction to computer code for reinforcement

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