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The application of portable computer in broadcasting and recording of the education industry

First, the system background:

In recent years, with the continuous development of audio and video technology, recording and broadcasting system also from the professional in the field of radio and television to many areas of education and training in the field and a large academic reports, and recording and broadcasting system, with its convenience and practicability is recognized by the majority of users, especially with the gradual implementation of education informatization, recording and broadcasting system also as an important tool of multimedia teaching for the majority of teachers and students brought new and intelligent teaching experience.

Education and broadcasting from the launch to now has gone through ten years, in the process of teaching has played an important role. In the education of information technology to promote the construction of a large share of.

Two, functional requirements:

The portable computer is used for recording a HD recording, network broadcast equipment. Through this product can be real-time acquisition, switching, coding, direct seeding, recording multi-channel high-quality audio and video streaming. Set switch stunt Taiwan, mixer, non-linear editing, caption machine function in one, can be widely used in the multicamera scene live or recorded applications, such as open class recording, excellent course recording.

The main function of the portable computer recording:

(1) by high performance HD recording and broadcasting host, with high visual audio capturing, encoding, recording, live, storage, resource management and distribution, multi screen intelligent director, remote video and audio interaction and other functions and integration.

(2) 4-6 Full HD camera automatic / manual tracking shot, automatic switching scene function. Multi screen director's configuration module to achieve professional director function, can be combined with high accuracy to multidimensional space intelligent tracking positioning system to achieve the function of automatic director, stunt scene change, time to add subtitles and credits, logo etc.

Three, system topology:


Four, practical application:


Application: portable recording IPC can support multiple audio and video frequency format recording, management, release and support post editing, support voice video and audio interface, compatible with each big mainstream brand camera, camera, sound console, a microphone and camera, related equipment. The integration of outstanding design will play a great role in the recording industry.

Evak technology products characteristics:

Education can meet the recording and video analysis and high computing demand.

Equipped with quiet cooling fan can be quiet and efficient work.

The whole machine adopts the design of new strengthening appearance and weight reduction.

Five, recommended products:



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关键词:The application of portable computer in broadcasting and recording of the education industry