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EK-104 19 "1U keyboard drawer

Categories: Other
Features:1U height drawer type keyboard, can be easily installed in 19 "cabinet, integrated keyboard, touch panel, standard PS/2 interface.
Service Hotline:+86-755-84191660 EXT 821

product detailsRODUCT DETAILS

 EK-104 19

Product specificationsRODUCT SPEC.

performance parameterProduct specifications
size483mm * 44mm * 333.5mm
keyboardSlim keyboard, 104 keys (87+17), containing 17 independent key numeric keypad
InterfaceStandard PS/2 interface
Line length1.5m
Shell colorBlack (can be customized according to the needs of other colors)
Shell materialGalvanized steel (SECC)
working temperature0 to 50 DEG C
Can meet the specifications of the cabinetStandard: 518 ~ 740mm, length: 658 ~ 880mm

Product size / interface mapRODUCT DIMENSIONAL DRAWING

 Product size / interface map

Statement: the product specifications for reference this catalog, all product specifications are subject to change without notice, before ordering please contact BURNRAY Check the specifications of the products of science and technology.

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